How I became a five-a-side soccer consultant ?

After a master in marketing and communications, I worked in different fields before joining the five-a-side soccer world in 2009, for one of the French leader.

The market was at its beginning, which made me grow in the same time of it. I started as a « fields’ manager » in a five-a-side soccer center near Paris (France), I then became the manager of a 12-soccer fields center in Paris. Customer service, sales strategy, tournaments organization, team training: I learn all the specificities of five-a-side soccer business model during 5 years. I also drove 3 centers opening in France.

In 2012, I became the Marketing Director of a 25 centers network, leader in France. Offers creation, sales plan definition and also national tournaments organization made me develop my skills and my knowledge of five-a-side soccer business.

End of 2014, I quit the company and started working as a freelance consultant. I went to the USA, where I worked during 6 months with a French entrepreneur on his five-a-side soccer center opening in Los Angeles. This rewarding experience helped me to understand foreign market and its economic issues. Back to France, I founded Sports Marketeur in 2015.

Since 3 years, I help entrepreneurs to run their five-a-side soccer center opening in France and abroad. From the idea to the opening, I propose a personalized accompaniment.

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